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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Message from the President & Meeting February 22

Colleagues and Members,

On behalf of the Board of directors for the Capital City Organizational Development Network, I would like to take a moment to discuss activities conducted and some plans for the future.

As the Program Group started the detailed plans for our last General Membership meeting of 2006, the question was raised, “are we meeting the needs and expectations of our members?” We thought we were, but the lack of attendance at the programmed membership meetings suggested we were missing something important. We then conducted an e-mail and telephonic survey to gain insight into our members’ interests and attraction to this Organizational Development Network. The detailed results are attached for your information and to stimulate further discussion among ourselves.

The survey results gave us four (4) strong themes to focus on as we work on reinvigorating the organization and developing new program activities for the next two years.
  • First, members enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to network with OD professionals and gain new ideas from each other’s work.

  • Second, conduct meetings that solidify information and methodologies for guiding organizations in improving their effectiveness.

  • Third, the continuing question about when and where to conduct our meetings to accommodate members’ schedules is not as important as having a solid, interesting program to offer members.

  • Fourth, expose members to companies and organizations that have excellent OD interventions that are having a positive impact.

We think these four recommendations should guide our Network into the future. What do you think?

Join the Board Thursday, February 22, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, to begin mapping our strategy for the future. We are meeting in the conference room immediately to the right as you enter the New Albany Library, 200 Market Street. Please attend and help plan the future for CCODN.

Thank You

- Marc Cloutier, President

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