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Monday, January 01, 2007

CCODN and Change

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of CCODN members and their families a very exciting and special New Year.

Like many of you, the CCODN Board of Directors reviewed the activities of the past year and initiated the process of determining how we might best proceed in the coming year. The past year presented us with many interesting challenges and opportunities to work with many associates. It is our intent to continue developing the organization to provide the opportunities for networking and discovering new approaches to organizational development.

The member survey we conducted at the end of 2006 told us you were interested in networking with OD professionals and learning new approaches to organizational development. Accordingly, members of the board and I are actively engaged in developing an action plan for 2007 and beyond that will engage us in advancing the role and merit of OD within organizations.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, January 3rd at 5:00 PM in the small conference room of the New Albany Library. I invite every CCODN member to join us at this and future planning meetings. Your contribution to the planning process will be invaluable.

I also invite and encourage members to post their ideas and suggestions for enhancing our network. I will plan on using this medium in the future to continue communication and holding a dialogue with members regarding the growth and direction of CCODN.

I wish everyone the very best in the coming year.

- Marc

posted on behalf of CCODN President Marc Cloutier

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  • Last night, only two people showed up for the CCODN meeting: Marc Cloutier and myself. Marc and I met anyway. One of the things I shared with him were some notes I wrote on the way down to Columbus from the Mount Vernon area where I live. He asked me to share them on the blog. So, here they are...

    OD? What is it?

    It's a label - all that's left of a once promising area of professional practice.

    What happened to it?

    Its promise was its undoing. It had so much promise that management viewed it as a threat and brought it "inside the tent" where it could be corralled and controlled. In a word, it was "co-opted."

    Why won't it go away?

    Because some people remember its promise and would like to see it reborn - rising from the ashes like the fabled Phoenix.

    OK. So what WAS it?

    OD was a set of practices, a set of values, and a set of practitioners. Above all else, it was a promise of making the workplace a better place for people. It was also a promise that by making organizations better places for people that the organizations themselves would also be better off.

    OK. So what happened?

    OD ran afoul of Mammon. It - and its really good practitioners - refused to pledge their fealty to the liege lords of business enterprise. They refused to kneel before the gold calves of commerce and capitalism. And so, after it was brought inside, OD was banished to the hinterlands where it remains to this day.

    By Anonymous Fred Nickols, at 5/17/2007 4:39 PM  

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