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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Plans for a New OD Program at Franklin?

The OD Institute displays this exciting local opportunity posted on its Jobs in O.D. web page:

Full-time O.D. Faculty Position: Franklin University is starting a new O.D. Program in Columbus, Ohio. Franklin University is an independent, not-for-profit university located in Columbus, Ohio. This position will have primary responsibility for leading the development of this new major, course development in the major, providing leadership to adjunct faculty, and course management for face-to-face and on-line courses. This person may also be a resource to the Leadership Center of the University in developing and implementing programs to serve the needs of business and industry in Central Ohio. Please visit homepage at for more information about the university.

What are the implications of this new program for the future of OD in Central Ohio? Do you think a major in OD at Franklin University is good news for the market? Will it lead to more regional understanding of the role OD can play? Or will it commercialize and devalue the profession?

The posting doesn't specifically state that this is an undergraduate or graduate program. Do you think the level of study makes a difference?



  • This is very interesting, especially because my MBA from Franklin University (10 years ago this August 9th) was in, "Organization and Leadership Development." Admittedly, many of the courses directly centered on OD topics were later in the program, however I still believe that my MBA is in OD.

    I believe another, more direct OD curriculum is good for the profession. It will help build understanding for the value OD provides. As OD awareness builds, I hope and trust that fewer companies will see OD as something they can only afford to do when the ink used to pen the bottom line is black, vs. red. Yes, there is the threat of commercialization, and right now, I am willing to take that risk, vs. the continued low level of OD valuation that seems to exist. Don Cole and others at ODI created and have supported efforts to standardize an OD industry code of ethics. Maybe more commercialization would help to facilitate a drive in that direction, too.

    Whether this curriculum is for graduate school students, or for undergrads, I'm all for it. I prefer to think that many, many people throughout industry know about the benefits OD initiatives and groundwork provide, instead of having to explain what OD means (no, it's not "outer dimension.")

    What other local schools have OD programs at either the graduate or undergraduate levels? (Ok, OSU, does, but what about Capitol, Otterbein, Kellogg, Ashland, etc.?)

    By Blogger Mark Storey, at 7/30/2006 3:36 PM  

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